Monday, October 24, 2011

Greg Gumbel Rips Hulk Hogan with a Killer Promo

While Bryant Gumbel is busy sticking his foot in his mouth while trying to sound overly intellectual, Greg Gumbel is busy plying his trade as a play-by-play announcer for CBS NFL coverage on Sundays.  However, just because Greg Gumbel is busy working in the booth, it doesn't mean he cannot take a few seconds of air time to cut a promo of his own.

A few weeks ago Hulk Hogan was on a media tour at the ESPN studios, and he took the opportunity to rip Tim Tebow in a professional wrestling style promo.  Tim Tebow made his first start of the season on Sunday, and lead the Denver Broncos to an impressive comeback over the Miami Dolphins. After witnessing the comeback, Greg Gumbel felt it was time someone put Hulk Hogan in his place, and he was just the mad for the job.

That's right folks get ready for one helluva cage match because Greg Gumbel is calling Hulk Hogan out, and this one is going to be a last man standing match.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jim Schwartz is Pissed at Jim Harbaugh, Cage Match Schedule for Later this Year

Continuing you Sunday of scandal and anger, we saw an exciting game between the San Francisco 49'ers and the Detroit Lions, that was followed by even more excitement during the post game handshake. The 9'ers came away with an impressive victory and improved to 5-1.  However, the real entertainment took place after the game when Detroit's head coach Jim Schwartz expressed his disdain for Jim Harbaugh's excitement and celebratory actions.

For those of you who cannot read lips, that's a nice 'FU' coming from Jim Schwartz lips.

But don't worry, it gets better. Because Jim Schawrtz is not done with Harbaugh just yet. 

 Nothing like a  little coaching feud to get the juices going.  On another note, it's good to see the Lions and 49'ers playing in meaningful games.

AJ Hawk Gives a Fan the Finger

The Green Bay Packers are having an amazing season on the field.  Currently the Packers are making all the right moves, and beating up on the win less St. Louis Rams.  However, one player made a major mistake.  Pro-Bowl linebacker, AJ Hawk, was getting heckled by some fans, and apparently they got to him. So Hawk took matters into his own hands. Or in this case his finger.

Making a gesture like this is typically a penalty, but the officials missed it during the game.  You can bet the NFL will be in contact with AJ Hawk during the week, and a fine will be assessed as well.

Stay classy Green Bay

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jay Beagle Gets Knocked Out During

Like it or not fighting is part of hockey.  Sure many in the NHL want to move the game away from it's brawling past, but sometimes tempers flare and a bit of a punch up is needed to settle things.  This is especially the case when two heated rivals get together on the ice. 

On Thursday night the Washington Capitals traveled north to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins continuing the hottest feud in NHL.  Many Penguin fans blame the Capitals for putting Sydney Crosby out for the last year, and as a result the bad blood between the two top ranked teams always seems to boil over. Thursday's game was no exception.

Jay Beagle of the Washington Capitals found himself on the wrong end of a powerful punch that left him laid out on the ice, and the Penguin players gloating.  This is not something you see everyday.

Hulk Hogan Cuts Promo on Tim Tebow

Now that Tim Tebow is officially the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork to get a piece of him.  Sure plenty of people in the media are voicing their opinions about him, but on Wednesday Tebow had his what is most likely his biggest, and perhaps his most unpredictable critic call him out.

For some reason Hulk Hogan was during a media tour of the Northeast this week, and he found himself making the rounds in Bristol Connecticut in the ESPN studios.  Never one to shy away from the stic (that's a microphone for you none wrestling fans), Hogan took full advantage of his time on air to cut a promo on Tim Tebow. 

Now growing up as a Hulk Hogan fan, I have to say this was not the Hulksters best work.  Frankly he didn't talk me into a seat at Madison Square Garden with this promo.  However, the thought of Tebow flying off the top of a cage and landing a big elbow splash is intriguing.  Perhaps, that is something we can look forward to if this whole NFL thing, doesn't work out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Spurrier Hates Ron Morris, and Refuses to Begin Press Conference Til He Leaves

Steve Spurrier has long been one of the most entertaining characters in college football.  The 'Old Ball Coach' knows how to work the media, and in his time, he has ticked off more than a few coaches in the SEC, and around the country.  Earlier today, it was the media who was working Steve Spurrier and he had enough of it.

Steve Spurrier saw his riff with State columnist Ron Morris as so bad, that Spurrier refused to continue his weekly press conference, opting to rather give one-on-one interviews with local television reporters. This is only the second time in 26 years that Steve Spurrier refused to associate himself with a reporter.

So what caused Spurrier to be so angry at Ron Morris?  Was it the fact that Morris needled Spurrier for running up the score in a 53-3 win over UK? Nope.  Was it after a loss to Auburn Ron Morris placed the blame squarely on Steve Spurrier's shoulders? No.

Spurrier cited an article that Morris wrote six months ago as the reason he no long wants to associate with the columnist. The article in questions revolves around Bruce Ellington, the SC basketball program and poaching players from one sport to another. 

For Spurrier the whole thing was a fabrication, and too much for him to handle.  For me, it created an awkard moment at a typically boring press conference. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Coastal Carolina Football Coach David Bennett Wants More Dogs

I love college football.  It's arguably my favorite sport.  There are plenty of things that I love about college football, at the top of that list is the diversity in the personalities.  With so many teams at some many different levels coaches and players tend to let their personality show a little more than their professional counterparts. This can especially be seen during post game press conferences.

Coastal Carolina is not exactly a powerhouse football program, but they have been building over the past few years.  David Bennett is a solid coach who is making a name for himself building the small CCU program.  Earlier this season Bennett took to the podium for a press conference and attempted to explain to reporters what type of players he wanted.  In Bennett's words he wanted 'dogs.'

Hopefully he did a better job explaining what he wanted to his players than he did to the press...

Monday, October 03, 2011

Madonna to Perform at the Super Bowl

It's that time of year again where the NFL announces who will appear as headline halftime act for the Super Bowl.  That's right NFL fans, Super Bowl XLVI will feature none other than Madonna and all of her hits from the last 30-40 years give take a few. 

Keeping with the NFL's tradition of trying to find the acts that appeal to the most amount of people Madonna is sure to bring in a few prying eyes who would not typically tune into the Super Bowl.  In addition the loyal fan base that Madonna currently holds will be great in hyping the singer, and spreading the word (as if she or the NFL needed it).

Personally, I cannot imagine that the typical NFL fan is a big Madge fan, but I could be wrong.  In addition, the NFL really doesn't care what us hardcore football fans think because they know we will be watching the Super Bowl no matter what.

The NFL has made a concerted effort to find family friendly acts that everyone can enjoy for the Super Bowl halftime shows, in the wake of "Nipplegate."  For those of us old enough to remember, it's kind of crazy to think that Madonna is considered a safe and friendly family act.  Oh how the times have changed.

The Lucas Oil Stadium will be rocking in Indianapolis this year.