Friday, October 14, 2011

Jay Beagle Gets Knocked Out During

Like it or not fighting is part of hockey.  Sure many in the NHL want to move the game away from it's brawling past, but sometimes tempers flare and a bit of a punch up is needed to settle things.  This is especially the case when two heated rivals get together on the ice. 

On Thursday night the Washington Capitals traveled north to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins continuing the hottest feud in NHL.  Many Penguin fans blame the Capitals for putting Sydney Crosby out for the last year, and as a result the bad blood between the two top ranked teams always seems to boil over. Thursday's game was no exception.

Jay Beagle of the Washington Capitals found himself on the wrong end of a powerful punch that left him laid out on the ice, and the Penguin players gloating.  This is not something you see everyday.


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