Monday, February 27, 2012

Fastest 40 Yard Dash Times for Running Backs

It was no secret that the 2012 NFL Draft was lacking marque running backs, and that was emphasized when the backs invited to this year's NFL Combine took the field, and put up some less than impressive times.  While No.1 overall running back Trent Richards sat out of activities it was the perfect opportunity for someone else to step up and make a name for themselves.  That did not happen.  Most surprising was poor result that Oregon Duck speedster LaMichael James posted.

1) Lamar Millier Miami - 4.40

2) Ronnie Hillman  SDSTU - 4.45

2) LaMichael James Oregon - 4.45

2) Chris Rainey Florida - 4.45

5) Cyrus Gray Texas A&M - 4.47


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