Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Spurrier Hates Ron Morris, and Refuses to Begin Press Conference Til He Leaves

Steve Spurrier has long been one of the most entertaining characters in college football.  The 'Old Ball Coach' knows how to work the media, and in his time, he has ticked off more than a few coaches in the SEC, and around the country.  Earlier today, it was the media who was working Steve Spurrier and he had enough of it.

Steve Spurrier saw his riff with State columnist Ron Morris as so bad, that Spurrier refused to continue his weekly press conference, opting to rather give one-on-one interviews with local television reporters. This is only the second time in 26 years that Steve Spurrier refused to associate himself with a reporter.

So what caused Spurrier to be so angry at Ron Morris?  Was it the fact that Morris needled Spurrier for running up the score in a 53-3 win over UK? Nope.  Was it after a loss to Auburn Ron Morris placed the blame squarely on Steve Spurrier's shoulders? No.

Spurrier cited an article that Morris wrote six months ago as the reason he no long wants to associate with the columnist. The article in questions revolves around Bruce Ellington, the SC basketball program and poaching players from one sport to another. 

For Spurrier the whole thing was a fabrication, and too much for him to handle.  For me, it created an awkard moment at a typically boring press conference.