Thursday, July 21, 2011

Entire Section of DC United Fans Plank

In case you were wondering, the 'planking' craze is not going anywhere.  The fad that started in Australia, and has become an obsession amongst unemployed NBA players, just won't go away.  And here at Walker Sports we think it's a good thing. How big is planking?  Well it got us to talk about MLS soccer, that's a first for Walker Sports.

Last night at a DC United game, and entire section of fans decided on a group plank.  Check out section 127 at RFC Stadium in Washington DC, planking.  Maybe they should have been cheering their team on, as DC United wound up losing the game 1-0.


  1. We certainly did, most of this was during halftime for fun :) If you're in DC area and think drinkin beer for few hours and then singing for your local club is good idea of fun check us out at

    (few minutes after planking -

  2. We might have to take you up on that offer, it's been a long time since we've taken in a DCU game.

  3. c'mon down, 3 league games in August :) We'll make you sing but we'll also feed you beer hehe

    There's link to facebook group on webpage that's most active part.

  4. Alright you got my attention. Beer and singing? Reminds me of my rugby days. Lets do it.