Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Coastal Carolina Football Coach David Bennett Wants More Dogs

I love college football.  It's arguably my favorite sport.  There are plenty of things that I love about college football, at the top of that list is the diversity in the personalities.  With so many teams at some many different levels coaches and players tend to let their personality show a little more than their professional counterparts. This can especially be seen during post game press conferences.

Coastal Carolina is not exactly a powerhouse football program, but they have been building over the past few years.  David Bennett is a solid coach who is making a name for himself building the small CCU program.  Earlier this season Bennett took to the podium for a press conference and attempted to explain to reporters what type of players he wanted.  In Bennett's words he wanted 'dogs.'

Hopefully he did a better job explaining what he wanted to his players than he did to the press...


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