Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walker Sports College Football Poll: It's a Buckeye Rising.

Going into the weekend most thought there would not be a large shakeup within the top 25. Sure there were a few SEC games featuring ranked opponents, but no one truly believed they would shake up the standings, and possibly the BCS. Turns out they were wrong. It was a weekend of upsets across the country, and as a result we have a new look top 25 poll.

1) Ohio State Buckeyes: They have the leading Heisman Trophy candidate, and they have a favorable schedule. It’s going to be tough to knock the Buckeyes from their perch atop college football.

2) Boise State Broncos: The stars are aligning for Chris Peterson’s bunch. Even if they are ranked third in the AP Polls, the Broncos are in the home stretch of their schedule and will continue to bludgeon teams till their showdown with Nevada.

3) Oregon Ducks: This is a strong year for the Pac 10, but if teams keep knocking each other off and Oregon can stay the course they could find themselves in more than just the Rose Bowl.

4) Nebraska Cornhuskers: The Big 12 is wide open this year. With the emergence of a star quarterback, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking to finish the job they started last season.

5) TCU Horned Frogs: TCU is the forgotten child of the non BCS teams. Not as flash as Boise State, and they lack the pedigree of Utah. Hopefully they can showcase just how good they are this season.

6) Oklahoma Sooners: If anyone is going to stop the roll Nebraska is on, it is going to be the Sooners. For the first time in the BCS era we could finally see the marquee Oklahoma v. Nebraska matchup in the Big 12 Championship. Now let’s hope the Sooners can avoid their typical late season collapse to Oklahoma State.

7) Utah Utes: Could there seriously be three non BCS conference teams this year? If there are will that finally be enough to break the BCS? If that is the case, what better team to do it than the original BCS Buster, Utah.

8) Auburn Tigers: They don’t make it easy, but somehow the Auburn Tigers win games. It’s tough to believe the Tigers are a true contender for a National Championship or a SEC Title, but they could stick around long enough to become a serious thorn in someone’s side.

9) LSU Tigers: This team is successful despite their head coach. A solid win over the weekend against a down Florida team, get your kicks in while you can.

10) Alabama Crimson Tide: Can’t say I saw this one coming a loss to South Carolina shocked the system and rocked the poll. Bama is still a good team, and they can still compete for the SEC and a National Championship with a little help.

11) Arkansas Razorbacks: With Alabama falling Arkansas throws themselves right back into the mix in the SEC. Now can Ryan Mallet finally deliver the performance we have been waiting for all season? Or was he just a media hyped sensation?

12) South Carolina Gamecocks: Apparently the Old Ball Coach has a little magic left up his sleeve after all. South Carolina did something no SEC team has been able to do in almost two years and knocked off Alabama. Now the Gamecocks finds themselves in the driver’s seat in the SEC East, and facing a potential rematch with the Crimson Tide.

13) Michigan State Spartans: Finally we are believers here at Walker Sports. The Spartans dominated Michigan and proved Ohio State is not the only team in the Big 10.

14) Iowa Hawkeyes: The Hawkeyes have a way of sneaking up on teams late in the Big 10 season. With key matchups still on their schedule they could weasel their way into the BCS picture once again.

15) Arizona Wildcats: A little bit of reality set in with Oregon State handing the Wildcats their first loss of the season.

16) Stanford Cardinals: Who would have thought the Stanford Cardinals would knockoff USC 3 of the past four years. Yup, that just happened.

17) Wisconsin Badgers: It’s tough to see this team as a threat to anyone in the Big 10, but that does not mean they will be an easy out.

18) Nevada Wolfpack: This team knows how to run the ball. Running the ball effectively and keeping it away from Kellen Moore and the Boise State offense is key to knocking off the Broncos. Who would have thought there would be a reason to get excited over late season WAC football?

19) Florida State Seminoles: Yes the Hurricanes are unpredictable, but what the Seminoles accomplished on the road Saturday night was impressive. That could be a building block for Jimbo Fisher.

20) West Virginia Mountaineers: Once again the Mountaineers are emerging as the best in the Big East. That being said, they may only be the third best team in the WAC or the Mountain West. Think about that.

21 Miami Hurricanes: The Hurricanes are a mess. Yes Jaccory Harris was injured for much of Saturday’s contest and without a doubt that hampered the Miami offense. However, it was apparent that yet again Miami was not prepared to play in a major game.

22) Missouri Tigers: The Tigers are making big strides in what many thought would be a rebuilding year for the program. Now the question becomes, can the Tigers compete with Nebraska for the Big 12 North?

23) Air Force: Does anyone know how to stop the triple option? The correct answer is only with time, which is why this team will struggle in a bowl game.

24) Florida Gators: There is no easy way to replace Tim Tebow. Gator fans are finding that out this season. It will be a struggle for Florida to remain in the top 25 this season. Helping them along the way is a weak SEC East.

25) Michigan Wolverines: Finally the real Wolverines stood up. It’s not that Michigan is not a good team they just lack the all around talent to truly compete. Right now Michigan is a one trick pony running with Denard Robinson every play. If Michigan wants to take the next step, they need to find another offensive weapon.


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