Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rugby in High Heels: Who Says Rugby Doesn't Pay?

Rugby may not be a professional sport here in the United States, but that does not mean there aren't ways to make a buck off the sport. Just ask Washington DC Native, and Washington Furies player Ida Berstein who used her skill set to rack up $10,000 and a new Jetta. Yes, you read that correctly 10 grand and a new car.

How did this Phd student go from riding the bus to rolling around in her new tricked out car? The answer is easy, she just beat out few hundred other women and won the High Heel-A-Thon put on by the 'Regis & Kelly' show in New Yorks Central Park. Now granted winning a race is not the same as playing a rugby game in the WPL, where Berstein's Washington Furies play, but when asked how did she prepare for the event Ida credited her rugby training for getting her ready.

For what it's worth Ida is an impressive athlete who has played for the USA 7's teams, and lead the MARFU 7's program to a championship in this summer's All Star Championships. Just to prove how tough she is, Ida took a dive at the finish line, and appeared on the podium sporting some wicked looking cuts and scrapes. However, in true rugger fashion, she didn't let a few scars stop her from celebrating and enjoying the moment.

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