Friday, July 10, 2009

Daily Erin Andrews Girls of the ACC

So we did this last year and you guys seemed to like it, and let's be honest, we all enjoyed doing the research to put this series together, so why not bring it back for another year? The college football season is getting closer. Depending on who your school is, we are about 45-50 days out from that first kickoff. I know I can barely contain myself. And why teams are prepping for their preseason practices, I thought we could bring a little something to hold you over.

We can all agree that we love college football, but sometimes the scenery at the tailgate is even better than the game on the field. Take a look at some of our favorite ACC tailgates.


Anjani said...

Wonderful post! These are some good tips, but there’s better ones out there. I would definitely research it, Poker is by far the best game ever.

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