Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Richard Jefferson Leaves Bride at Alter

It seemed that Richard Jefferson had everything going for him this summer. He was traded to the San Antonio Spurs and instantly become a contender for the NBA title. In addition, he was scheduled to marry his cheerleader girlfriend Kesha Ni'col Nichols.

Then things seemed to change, well one thing changed. At the 11th hour (2 hours before the ceremony) Richard Jefferson decided to no show his own wedding, leaving his bride and friends with plenty of questions. According to the New York Post, guest and friends had already showed up and were fulling expecting a wedding to take place.

"He never showed up at the hotel, but “all his boys were there,” the friend said. “He gave his best friend the Black Amex [credit card] for the night.” Jefferson’s guests made good use of the credit card to party on their pal’s dime."

It is reported the wedding was to take place at a swank New York City hotel and was to cost over $2 million. Apparently Jefferson footed the bill for that one, but don't worry about him being short on cash. Jefferson is slated to make $14 million this season and $15 million in 2011.


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