Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walker Sports Rugby Challange

Anyone who visits this blog knows how much we love rugby, and last week Walker Sports founder Dumont Walker got to showcase his love for the sport to a wider audience, thanks to the help of Washington Post Live' Ivan Carter.

Ivan wanted to showcase a new segment on his show called Ivan one-on-one. The idea is Ivan travels around the Washington DC area and takes on local personalities at anything they want to do. Dumont decided to take Mr. Carter up on the opportunity and he invited the Washington Post Live crew out to a training session with the Washington Rugby Club. What ensued was two hours of pain and suffering by all.

However, from Dumont Walker, and on behalf of Walker Sports, we;d like to thank Ivan Carter and Washington Post Live for coming out and hanging with the Washington Rugby Club. The boys on the club had a blast, they'd be happy to bring on any other new comers, or challengers.


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