Monday, November 08, 2010

USA Eagles Pre-Game Meal with The Saracens

For those who do no know, November is an important time of year for the rugby world. During non-World Cup years, teams will use the month of November as a chance to travel abroad and test theis skills against other nations during a period known as the "Autumn Internationals." While this time period is well established abroad with teams from the Southern Hemisphere traveling north, it is a bit of rareity for the USA Eagles to travel abroad for the Fall Tours.

For the first time in four years the Eagles made the trip across the pond to Europe will they will take part in a four game tour that includes two ranking test matches, another rarity for the USA Rugby program. The first stop for the Eagles found them in England, where they will take on the Saracens.

Now part of what makes rugby such a special sport is the comrodery and the sportsmenship between athletes both on and off the field. Since the Saracens are the hosting team, their club took it upon themselves to host the traveling Eagles for a team dinner, and give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy some social time before the take the field against one another. What resulted was some of the American athletes letting their hair down, and having a good time.

In many ways this video shows what is great about rugby. Could you imagine the Cowboys and the Redskins sitting down for a respectable team meal before a game? It's nearly unheard of here in the United States. While the Eagles will have their hands full on the pitch come Tuesday evening, they will always remember the time the spent around the dinner table breaking bread with their brothers in sport, and enjoy what rugby is all about.


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