Monday, November 22, 2010

Vince Young Out in Tennessee

Vince Young has barely been the Tennessee Titans starting quarterback for three season's but he has made a life time's worth or headlines thanks to his off the field antics. Thanks to a post game meltdown on Sunday it appears the former rookie of the year, may now be paving his path for an exit from the Titans organization. With no quarterback in waiting, and backup Kerry Collins not getting any younger, the sudden change in direction could have massive affects on the future of the Titans franchise.

Late in Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, Titans quarterback Vince Young injured his thumb while completing a pass down the field. The injury was enough to take Young out of the game, and replace him with rookie quarterback Rusty Smith. The rookie quarterback came in for Young during the third quarter and led the Titans to overtime where they would eventually fall to the Redskins by a field goal. While Rusty Smith was getting his first reps as an NFL quarterback on the field, Vince Young was doing all he could to get back in game on the sidelines.

After the injury occurred Young went to the locker room for X-Rays and treatment, Upon returning to the sideline, Vince Young had his thumb taped and re-taped in an effort to get it ready so he could return to the game. Despite all of his efforts and pleading with Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher, Young was not allowed to return to the game, and Rusty Smith was handed the reigns to the Tennessee Titans offense.

After the game, a displeased Vince Young paused at the entrance way to the tunnel and threw his shoulder pads and jersey into the stands in frustration. Once in the locker room, Vince Young blew by reporters after getting dressed and exited the stadium. When head coach Jeff Fisher was asked about this, he did little to show his disappointment in his young star.

"He threw half his uniform in the stands. I think clearly that is no way to respond, and so we have some things that we have to sort out with him," Fisher said of Young.

Fisher would go on to announce the Titans will start Rusty Smith next week, and Young has lost his starting job for the foreseeable future. This move is also being driven by the fact that Vince Young may need surgery to repair the damaged flexor tendon in his thumb.

Vince Young finally opened up to the media on Sunday night where he addressed a few of the issues he is now facing. When asked about throwing his jersey into the stands the Titans quarterback responded by saying he was giving his jersey to the daughter of Titans executive Don MacLachlan who is a huge Texas Longhorns fan.

"She's been very supportive of me and I wanted to give it to her as a sign of thanks because she knows what I'm going through," Young said.

As far as tossing his jersey and other items into the stands Young had this to say about the incident.

"I throw my shoes into the stands after every game, my hat into the stands after every game, my wrist bands into the stands after every game," Young said. "If it's a problem, I'll pay for my jersey."

While Vince Young is denying, or putting spin as to why some of his equipment ended up in the stands, and downplaying the post game confrontation he had with head man Jeff Fisher, it is obvious that there is a rift between QB and coach. Fisher went to bat for Vince Young two year's ago and gave him a second chance by letting him earn his starting job back from Kerry Collins last season. Now Young is throwing Fisher under the bus by saying his coach does not support him.

One thing is apparent, Vince Young does not handle adversity well. If things start to work against him, he does not have what it takes to remain strong and fight his way to the finish. Fisher had one of the toughest quarterbacks of all time when he coached the late Steve McNair, many thought Young would be the second coming of McNair when he arrived in town, and that has yet to be the case. Thanks to his most recent blowup, it is apparent that Jeff Fisher no longer has the patience or the time to coddle the now veteran quarterback. Vince Young would be an interesting target to move during the off season, and you can expect the Titans to be willing take on all incoming offers.


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