Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron James' New Nike Commercial and Image Rehab

It's hard to think of an athlete who did more to damage their image, and their career without actually breaking a rule, or breaking a law, as LeBron James managed to do this summer. By now everyone knows the story. James, reached the end of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, and proceeded to go on a nation wide tour taking meetings with every NBA franchise and every media outlet who would speak to him. The culmination of the process was an one hour special LeBron and his management team purchased on ESPN that became known as "The Decision." During the special LeBron told the world he was. "Taking his talents to South Beach."

This was perhaps the most overdone, outlandish and ridiculous free agent signing in sports history. And with it LeBron James went from being the man who was going to save to the NBA, to the poster child for everything that is wrong with professional sports today. The backlash from the fans and media was everywhere, and since then LeBron James has seemingly been unable to do anything correctly.

For what it is worth, it has not helped out that LeBron has taken to Twitter to address his enemies with such statements "This is the year of the hater." and "I'm keeping a list." In reference to those who spoke ill of his "Decision."

Nike, never one to back down from controversy, or more importantly a money making opportunity has decided to jump full into the LeBron James troubles and have created a new commercial starring the NBA star. It's hard to tell exactly what this commercial will do for LeBron's tattered image, but one has to think, it is a start.


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