Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anna Kournikova in One Hot Cat Fight

So tennis proved not to be Anna Kournikova's best career option. Lucky for her she has great looks, and she is a good pitchman. That's why she found herself in Las Vegas Nevada last weekend rather than Wimbledon like the rest of the great tennis players in the world. Why was Kournikova in Las Vegas last Saturday? She was doing her part and making an appearance at the Hardbat Classic, a table tennis tournament. Oh how the mighty have fallen... if only Ms. Kournikova was actually mighty at some point.

However, the worst part of Anna Kournikova's weekend was not playing ping pong with a bunch of guys ogling her. After the tournament was over, Anna Kournikova decided to hit the town (can't blame her). While out with her girls, Anna Kournikova was confronted by a woman in the booth next to her. The woman accused Kournikova of crowding her space, and then threw a drink on the one time tennis star. Not wanting to lose any more street cred, Kournikova sprung into action by attacking her fellow club goer. An all out cat fight ensued (don't worry we are searching for video).

Eventually the two were separated, and the woman was escorted out of the club. However, that was not before Anna Kournikova left the lady with scratches and cuts along her neck.

Looks like her tennis career may be over, but Anna Kournikova is ready for a night out at the club with Pacman Jones.

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