Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Steven Strasburg Dominates in First Game

Admittedly this is not much of a baseball blog. For the most part I don't watch a lot of baseball, nor do I care about baseball. However, sometimes an event takes place and it simply cannot be ignored. The magnitude of the event is then intensified when it takes place in your own back yard. At that point you have to take note, or in this case blog about it.

The event that I am speaking of is the first MLB pitch of one Steven Strasburg, the great hope for the woeful Washington Nationals. Since Walker Sports is based out of Washington DC it was hard for myself or any of our other writers to avoid the Strasmass hype as it was called locally. As a result even I became caught up in the hype and yes, I did sit down to watch Strasburg's final few innings.

What I saw absolutely blew me away. Now I don't claim to be a baseball expert but I know talent when I see it and that kid has it. There is no doubt Strasburg could have pitched into the 8th or perhaps had a complete game. However, kudos to Riggleman and the Nats staff for not becoming caught up in the moment and sitting the youngster down before he caused any potential damage to his arm. Another impressive feat from Steven Strasburg was his ability to shake off adversity. He got out of an early jam to force a ground out. Then after giving up his first home run in over a year, he battled back to get the win. Some would even say Strasburg was better as the game went on.

One thing I do know is the Nationals found something special in Steven Strasburg and along with Ovie, and hopefully John Wall he can help rebuild Washington DC into a sports town.


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