Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bob Huggins Comforts Injuried Player

I'll be the first to admit, by no means am I the biggest Bob Huggins fan. However, during last night's Final Four game against Duke, the West Virginia coach earned some of my respect with the way he handled a very delicate situation.

Late in the second half of a game that the Mountaineers were trailing, WVU star De-Sean Butler went down in a heap after colliding with a Duke player. From the moment he went down, it was obvious Butler was in serious pain.

Huggins stated he never coached a better combination of person and player than De-Sean Butler. As Butler lay struggling on the ground, Huggins made every effort to comfort the injured player. He also showed some of his hot temper and unleashed a brief tirade on official John Higgans, "They [the Blue Devils] don't foul, right, John? They don't foul. All-American laying here and they don't foul."

Watch the compassionate side of Bob Huggins.

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Bloomer Snatcher said...

And to the think Big Smooth, aka Black Dragon, didn't show the same respect to Fogerty RFD 2008.

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