Monday, March 28, 2011

NFLPA Agrees to Not Interfere with NFL Draft

According to sources from CBS Sports, and ESPN, the NFLPA have come to a conclusion that says they will not interfere with any of the NFL's activities during the NFL Draft at the end of April. Instead of hosting their own party for NFL rookies, as the NFLPA had previously mentioned. Instead the NFLPA has announced they will hold a party on Saturday night for all rookies drafted during the NFL Draft.

One source close to the NFLPA had the following comment: “We want players to have their moment.”

The move to not interrupt the NFL Draft is a smart one for the NFLPA. It is not fair for them to put the players between the current players and the owners. At the end of the day, the rookies coming out of college have the right to experience the joy of being drafted, even if they don't have to report to work right away.

Alabama standout receiver Julio Jones put it best: “Hopefully I will be there to shake the commissioner’s hand… Yes, sir, I want an opportunity to go to New York and be able to experience that.”


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