Tuesday, March 22, 2011

England Celebrates Grand Slam Too Early

Throughout sports history, there are teams and athletes who have been known to celebrate a victory before actually earning it on the field. Sometimes, it works out in their favor, check the 85 Bears who recorded the Super Bowl Shuffle two weeks before the Super Bowl, other times a premature celebratory video can bite you in the ass. Look no further than the 2011 English Rugby team for an example of this.

England cruised through the first four games of their 2011 6 Nations rugby campaign, and entering this past Saturday's finale against Ireland, all the English had to do was win the game and they would lock up a 6 Nations title, and the Grand Slam Championship. However, despite a poor showing two weeks ago against Wales, the Irish would not go down without a fight. Ireland destroyed England and ruined their chances at a Grand Slam. Unfortunately for England, they had already recorded this video keeper.


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