Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phil Mickelson Wins Third Masters

Phil Mickelson has been through a lot over the last month. His wife Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago, and as a result she has been absent from the PGA scene for just under a year. Since the announcement of his wife's diagnoses Phil Mickelson has not been the same. It has been obvious by his play that his mind has been other places, and no one could blame him for that.

At this year's Masters, Phil Mickelson was able to to put aside all the personal problems he is experiencing in his life, and he was able to put away the distractions Tiger Woods brought to the Masters, and he simply went out and played golf. That's all he needed to do, and it worked for him by earning Phil Mickelson his third green jacket.

The scene on the 19th green between Amy and Phil Mickelson was incredibly touching. Phil has the reputation of being a bit of a phony on the golf course. He signs autographs and acts nice to fans while having a bit of a chip on his shoulder in the clubhouse. On Sunday Mickelson put all of that to the side, and he was simply a man enjoying an amazingly touching moment with is wife.

It is moments like these that make sports special, and these are the moments that make us all fans.

<a href=";from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_articles" target="_new" title="Masterful Mickelson">Video: Masterful Mickelson</a>


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