Monday, March 15, 2010

David Beckham Torn Achilles Tenon, Ends Storied Career

Yesterday the world may have witnessed the end of one of the most storied soccer careers of all time. David Beckham tore his Achilles Tendon late in a game Sunday evening while playing for AC Millon. The 34 year old soccer star was currently on loan to the club from his MLS team the LA Gallaxy. Despite being advanced in age, Beckham continued to play for the European Club in hopes of bolstering hi chance of making England's World Cup squad. If David Beckham had made that team, he would be the first player in English history to appear in four World Cups for his country.

However, there is no chance that Beckham will play for England come June thanks to a torn Achilles Tendon. One can also assume that considering his age and the fact that Beckham is already on the backside of his career, an injury as severe as the one he recently sustained could be enough to send the star packing for good. Most likely Beckham will be 35 or older before he is able to return to form on the pitch. At that point the only place his services will be welcomed is on the lowly pitches of the MLS.

That's right folks this may be the last image we get to see of David Beckham playing soccer.


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