Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Live Blog Day 2

Hello everybody, after an insane first day of the NCAA Tournament, we are back and living blogging the action from day two. Let's not waste any time and get right to the action at hand.

5:00 With the second set of games wrapping up it appears as though everything has gone as planned. Wisconsin received a scare from Wofford but won by four in the end.

Mizzu took care of Clemson to hand the ACC their first lost in this year's tournament.

Pitt is up 15 with five to go in the second half and appears to be onto safe sailing in this one.

3:46 This Oakland Pitt game is a snoozefest. Now I remember why I hate watching Pitt play

3:41 Mizzu is tied with Clemson at the half at 39. This looks like it has the makings to have a special ending.

3:30 We have blood on Derick Nelson of Oakland. He was hit above the eye with an elbow.

3:16 With 4 minutes gone in the game, and the score still 3-3 its pretty obvious Pitt is imposing their style of play on this game

3:10 Pitt and Oakland have tipped off. If Pitt wins this game, it sets up an interesting rematch with Xavier. With that game being in Milwaukee one has to think there will be a strong XU fan base in attendance.

2:55 Sienna just ripped off an 8-0 run to take the lead over Purdue, this may be the end for the Boilermakers

2:43 With one Final Four team already out of the mix, and 10/17 first round picks correct. I no longer care about my brackets. There I said it.

2:27 With the clock under 3 minutes it's safe to say Temple will be the first team home from the A10 with them trailing Cornell by nearly 20

2:18 WVU easily handles Morgan. Minnesota is still sticking around becoming pesky for Xavier. They trail the Muskies by 7 with 1:30 to go

2:04 It's official, Cornell is opening up a can on Temples. They have stretched their lead to 15 with 10 minutes to go in the second half.

1:53 As Xavier beings to stretch their lead thanks to the efforts of Jordan Crawford, I cannot help but think about how much XU reminds me of Maryland. Both teams are one man shows.

1:52 About six minutes into the second half, Cornell still leads Temple by seven points. This could be the first upset of day two. Truly this has been they year of March Madness

1:45 Second halves are underway around the country. WVU is on a 40-20 run basically and crushing Morgan State. Xavier on the other hand still has their hands full with Minnesota but they are up 3 points.

1:28 One side note, the Purdue Sienna game is about to tip off in an hour. Purdue is missing their best player, and there are plenty of questions about them.

1:25 Many thought that Cornell would give Temple a difficult time, right now that is proving to be true. Looking like you can chalk that one up as another bad call in the Walker Sports brackets.

1:17: Despite going into the half down by 3, the Gophers have done a great job holding Xavier in check. Xavier averages 80 points a game, currently they have 25 at the half. Great defense being played by Minnesota.

1:15 At the half, WVU is handling Morgan State without much of a problem. WVU got off to a slow start but found their stride without a problem.

1:07: Despite being up by a point, Minnesota is doing a great job of clogging up the Xavier offense. They cant seem to find a rhythm at all

1:02: Xavier and Minnesota are tied at 17 a piece in the early going, Cornell is out to an early lead on Temple. this was a game many said to watch because Cornell could pull the dreaded 12 over a 5 upset.


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2:32pm, Members of UNC Delta Zeta still cleaning the wrappers from Carmichael after UNC beats the Tribe.

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