Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Chad Ochocinco Is Dancing With the Stars

It is official, Chad Ochocinco is the best self promoter in sports today. Announced earlier tonight, the Cincinnati Bengals Pro-Bowl wide out will take the stage this summer as a member of the Dancing With the Stars Cast. That's right Chad Ochocinco will be broadcasting into your living room every week.

While Ochocinco is not the first NFL star to participate on the show, he is the first active player to compete. And with all due respect to Warren Sapp, Chad Ochocinco is without a doubt the most outspoken NFL star to take the dance floor. In the past NFL players have been the winners of two seasons of Dancing With the Stars, perhaps the bodes well for the wide out.

If I were a Bengals fan I would be a little concerned. Chad Ochocinco has always been outspoken and he loves seeing his name in the headlines. However, the Bengals had a surprisingly good season last year, and appear to be only a piece or two away from really competing for a shot at the Super Bowl. Having one of their star players even more distracted than normal could prove to be disastrous for results on the field.


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