Monday, March 08, 2010

Carl Edwards Wrecks Brad Keselowski

It's not often we get to talk a little NASCAR here on Walker Sports but whenever we get the chance to, we like to do what we can. Yesterday's race down in Atlanta was a good race for a lot of reasons. We were setting up for a great finish with about five laps to go. Jimmy Johnson was not going to be a part of that finish. But that is when disaster struck.

Brad Kaselowski has been involved in plenty of on the track incidents this season. Sunday he was working his way to a top 10 finish with just a few laps to go, when Carl Edwards decided to exact a little revenge on the 12 car. Edwards was more than 100 laps down in the race thanks to being put to the back of the field due to a Kaselowski wreck, and when he got the chance on Sunday he got his revenge but turning hard into the 12 car and sending it airborne.

It appears that NASCAR's new 'Boys have at it rule's in full effect this season. The gloves are off and guys are going at it like they used to back in the day While this is a high stakes game of Russian Roulette, it does make for some entertaining racing. Aside from the crashes and all of that, it brings the drivers personalities back to the track. It's those personalities that made NASCAR famous in the first place. Now fans are getting the chance to connect with drivers once again and that is a good thing for the sport.


Anonymous said...

Nascar has a duty to the drivers and the fans that attend each race. Drivers will get mad but there has to be a limit to what is acceptable. Carl Edwards put not only Brad Keselowski's life in danger but dozens of fans and officials as well. We all understand that Carl had no intention of the car going airborne but the drivers know that it does happen. Nascar should have stopped and thought about what they would have done if there had been injuries or fatalities and based their penalties on that. Here in our world where we all are not spoiled millionaires our actions have real consequences. If I were to fire a weapon in the middle of the forest I am still accountable for that round until it stops. I may not mean for something to happen but I knew the risk. Carl Edwards is a very lucky man the way I see it he was only a few feet away from possible criminal charges! Then again this is the type of action that Nascar wants. Maybe the should be charged as well.

Anonymous said...

i will tell you if i was the sponser on carl edwards car and he wrecks another driver and driver or fan gets hurt or killed that not going to be good for jack roush or carl edwards i would not sponser such crap what a sad day for that sponser maybe the sponser get out of it and maybe less people will buy the product

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