Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tim Tebow Scores Well on the Wonderlic

The Wonderlic is a mental aptitude test that the NFL administers to players who attend the NFL Combine. In the grand scheme of things the Wonderlic is a weak gauge at best to how a player will perform on the field. Nonetheless, scouts examine the scores like 40-yard dash times. If a player scores poorly, especially if they are a quarterback, it is thought to be the worst thing in the world. Every year we must have this discussion and what better place to begin than with the chosen one Tim Tebow.

The top scores for quarterbacks who took the Wonderlic are in, and that includes one, Mr. Tim Tebow who racked up a 22. Not a bad score at all. A 22 places Tebow middle of the pack. He is functional and can rationalize. A 22 is especially good when you consider Tebow only racked up a 890 on the SAT.

Other quarterbacks who scored well on the Wonderlic include; Jimmy Clausen 23 (guess that Notre Dame education isn't worth as much as they thought), Colt McCoy 25 (he needs all the help he can get to raise his draft stock), and Sam Bradford 36 (simply a solid score).

For those of you wondering, the Wonderlic is score out of 50 points. If you want to see how you handle the Wonderlic, check out this previous post from Walker Sports.

Gators QB Tim Tebow scored a 22 on his Wonderlic, Jimmy Clausen 23, Colt McCoy 25 and Sam Bradford 36 out of 50, per NFL source.


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