Monday, March 01, 2010

2010 NFL Combine: Top 40 Yard Dash Times For LB's and D-Line

The 2010 NFL Combine kept rolling along on Monday in Indianapolis and you can bet that Walker Sports watched every minute of every drill. Monday was all about defense, linebackers and defensive line took center stage and so did the the top two prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Ndamukung Suh and Gerald McCoy are expected to go as high as 1 and 2 in this year's draft. Their performance today would make or break that opportunity.

40 Yard Dash Times Defensive Line Men
Davis, Dexter4.64
Griffen, Everson4.66
Moats, Arthur4.66
Hughes, Jerry4.69
Sapp, Ricky4.70
Dunlap, Carlos4.71
Kindle, Sergio4.71
Graham, Brandon4.72
Worilds, Jason4.72
Alem, Rahim4.75

Chaney, Jamar4.54
Conner, Kavell4.63
Grimm, Cody4.64
Coleman, Harry4.65
Clayton, Keenan4.66
Washington, Daryl4.66
Lawrence, Simoni4.68
Edds, A.J.4.71

Because we are talking linebackers and defensive linemen we have to throw in some power stats. 40 yard dash times are nice, but when talking big boys, you got to talk bench press. 225 pounds reps as many times as you can, nothing fancy aobut that.
Defensive Linemen
Owens, Jeff44
Joseph, Linval39
Atkins, Geno34
Troup, Torell34
Price, Brian34
Gibson, Thaddeus32
Wilson, C.J.32
Suh, Ndamukong32
Griffen, Everson32
Graham, Brandon31
Thomas, Cam31
Neal, Mike31

Butler, Donald35
Weatherspoon, Sean34
Johnson, Micah31
McLaughlin, Mike29
Clayton, Keenan27
Wilson, Kion27
Lee, Boris27
Angerer, Pat26
Chaney, Jamar26
Bowman, Navorro26


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