Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Taylor Mays Runs a 4.24 40 yard Dash Time

Continuing our ongoing cover of the 2010 NFL Combine, we can report that we may have a new record holder for fastest man at the NFL Combine. USC Safety Taylor Mays just recorded an unofficial time of 4.24 seconds. If that that time holds, Taylor Mays would tie Chris Johnson's record time from the 2008 combine.

In his second run of the day Mays ran a 4.34 second 40, which would still be good enough to place him as the second fastest man at this year's combine behind Jacoby Ford who ran a 4.28 on Sunday.

While Taylor Mays time is a bit shocking, considering his size, at 6'6 230 pounds that is a blazing time even if it drops to 4.34, we are not too shocked. Mays has been a workout warrior his entire time at USC. There was never a doubt about his pure athletic ability. The questions around Mays are what about his football ability. Can he change directions? Is he able to open his hips and make adjustments without losing momentum? Those are the biggest questions surrounding Taylor Mays.


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