Friday, December 04, 2009

Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl

Last night the Oregon Ducks played in a great game against instate rival Oregon State, and when the smoke settled, the Ducks got the win and earned themselves a trip to the 2010 Rose Bowl. For that congratulations are due for the Oregon Ducks after a 15 year wait they are back on the big stage. Some Oregon fans have taking their love of the Ducks to a new level, and have the new official song of the 2010 Rose Bowl and the Oregon Ducks. We love this sort of thing here, and wish more fan bases were this passionate.


Bloomer Snatcher said...

Pac 10 is 9-2 in bowls the last 2 years!!!

bob said...

I found a bus company going to the Rose Bowl with one night stay and shuttle to the game for $399.00 or toll free at 877-714-2098

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