Friday, December 04, 2009

College Coaching Rumors: UVA Hires Mike London?

It's real hard to get a read on who the next coach of the University of Virginia might be, but we may have gotten a sneak peek into what Craig Littlepage and company are thinking. It is no secret that the University of Virginia has expressed interest in Richmond head coach Mike London, and today the school may have made a move to put them one step closer to hiring London as the new guy.

After studying the 2010 University of Virginia schedule a peculiar change can be seen. UVA was due a second game as part of a series against the University of Richmond in September of 2010. However, the game with Richmond has been replaces by a game against Div 1AA VMI. The Richmond Spiders have been removed from the schedule.

Now there are plenty of reasons why this change could have been made. But the conspiracy theorist that we are, we'd like to throw out this opinion; UVA has a contract in place with Mike London and they removed Richmond from the schedule because he does not want to face his former team less than a year after leaving. This story could gain some serious legs after Saturday depending on how Richmond fares in their playoff game against Appalachian State.

While none of this has been confirmed yet, it is something to think about.


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