Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2009 Walker Sports Heisman List

The official invites went out for the 2009 Heisman Ceremony yesterday, and today Walker Sports is revealing our Heisman ballot. This ballot is part of the sports bloggers Heisman race that is being run by our good friend Shotgun Spratling over at The Blueworkhorse. This years race is an extremely tough one, and it came down to the wire. In all honesty there are no clear front runners this year.

1) Colt McCoy:
The Texas quarterback has put together a storied career. He has also put together a solid season. Not the gaudy numbers we've become accustomed to from Big 12 QB's, but good nonetheless. His defining moment came against Texas A&M and that's more than the rest of this list can say.

2)Toby Gerhart:
The Stanford RB led the nation in rushing and touchdowns. He also played very well in big games. The Notre Dame game was a great stamp on a solid season.

Ndamukong Suh: A defensive linemen in New York is a rarity and so is the talent level of this guy. His 4.5 sacks in the Big 12 Championship is amazing.

Tim Tebow: The Chosen one has not had his best of years, but his stats are still silly. In the end, Tebow became his own worse enemy. You can't get 50 TD's and win the Heisman and then come back to the table with anything less.

5)Mark Ingram:
A bad out of conference schedule keeps Ingram from moving higher up the ballot. Not enough people nationwide got to see Ingram's talent.


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