Sunday, December 06, 2009

BCS Bowl Series: Who's Playing Where?

The 2009 college season is complete, and now we have the breakdown of who is playing in what bowl games. For what it's worth, I cannot believe some of these matchups, check them out and some of our commentary.

BCS Championship game:Alabama vs. Texas-
This one is a no brainier. Both teams are undefeated and they earned this right.

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon-
At least something went as planned. The Pac 10 winner facing off against Big 10 Champion. This is a tradition and I'm glad it is one that has stuck around.

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. TCU-
I don't get this game. Yes TCU and Boise State are undefeated and they both deserve to play in a BCS game. However, from a ticket sales perspective they should not be playing each other in the same game. One of these teams should have traveled to the Sugar Bowl to play Florida. However, from a BCS supporters standpoint this game makes sense. You don't want the off chance that Boise or TCU knocks off a Florida and once again gives legitimacy to a non BCS contender.

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Cincinanti-
Florida laid an egg in their last outing against the Alabama, you can be sure Tim Tebow won't allow that to happen again. The SEC will travel very well to this game, and UC will have their hands full, if they cannot get their defense together.

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Iowa-
The Yellow Jackets are the ACC champions, they are in the right spot. Iowa however, is just strange. The Big 10 should not be playing the the ACC, and this may be the most poorly attended BCS game ever. Sad really. Georgia Tech vs. UC would have been fun to watch.


Bloomer Snatcher said...

Texas AM vs. Georgia is my fav matchup. No defense here, and the Bulldog staff is depleted on the def. coaching sidelines. Final: 55-47, pick a winner.

Oregon vs. Ohio State best BCS matchup.

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