Thursday, December 03, 2009

College Coaching Rumors: Chris Peterson Still in the Mix at UVA?

We brought this story to you just over a week ago, and it caught on like wildfire for a brief moment. The rumor was University of Virginia officials had reached out to and made contact with Boise State head coach Chris Peterson. After some talks it appears that rumor was false. Chris Peterson compared the UVA rumor to similar rumors that put him at Mississippi State. Obviously those rumors proved to be false.

However, this morning the Chris Peterson to UVA reared it's head once again. For the second time in a week, Mac McDonald, the former UVA play-by-play man, announced on his radio show that a deal was in place between Chris Peterson and the University of Virginia. This is on the heels of McDonald announcing that a deal was already in place between the two parties. While many have discredited Mac McDonald for being erroneous in the past, perhaps there is a bit of life to this rumor. As the University of Virginia continues it's coaching search, one can only assume this rumor will continue to grow.


Bloomer Snatcher said...

Simply put, it's time for Peterson to step up and test himself. Either at UVA or somewhere else.

Bloomer Snatcher said...

CP must finish reg season vs. New Mex then fly to Cville to haggle contract. See you top shelf Mike's Bistro!

Bloomer Snatcher said...

Peterson must finish reg. season with Boise this week then fly to Cville for contract. See you top shelf Mike's Bistro after announcement.

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