Monday, December 07, 2009

College Football Pick'em Conference Championship Results.

Sometimes things just don't work out in life. That was told to me by a customer service aid one time a few years back, and I'm think my bookie may say the exact thing to me after this past week's performance picking games. The Conference Championship week did not go the I expected them to, and as a result I finished out the 2009 regular season on a down note. Thank God, there's always the bowl season.

Oregon 37 vs. Oregon State 33: This was one of my all time favorite games of the year to watch. Thursday night, Eugene Oregon was rocking. The Oregon State Beavers brought their 'A' game that's for sure. Carrying a lead late into the third quarter it seemed to be the Beavers game. However Masoli proved to be too much and too talented. Combine that with Lagarrette Blount returning to action, and the Ducks had an impressive rushing attack, that controlled the clock, and kept the Ducks offense rolling.

In retrospect a 10 point spread may have been a bit generous. The Ducks won the game but their failed to cover the points.

Cincinnati 45 vs. Pittsburgh 44: Not to be outdone by the Pac 10 Championship game, the Big East put on a show, Saturday afternoon at Hines Field in Pittsburgh. The Pitts Panthers were coming off a tough lost to West Virginia and they gave it everything they had. Dion Lewis proved to the nation that Pitt is the home of great small backs 47 carries for 207 yards is flat out impressive. The other thing we learned from this game is the Cincinnati Bearcats defense is horrible. for the fifth week in a row they gave up over 30 points in a ball game.

The spread on this game was only a point so that made it a pick'em game in my book. Unfortunately like most everything else this weekend, I picked wrong.

Alabama 32 vs. Florida 13: I'd like to say that I saw this one coming, but in reality that is only a half truth. The Alabama defense looked amazing on Saturday night. They swarmed around the field and forced numerous turnovers. There is no doubt that Nick Saban's crew are on a mission to win a national title, and they have what it takes to beat Texas. There was a 6 point spread on this game favoring Florida. While that seemed reasonable I cannot say that I ever bought into it. Thankfully I went with Alabama to cover the spread and pull the upset.

Georgia Tech 39 vs. Clemson 34: It's good to see that even the ACC could get in on the exciting action. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have a fun offense to watch. The Triple option attack is a blast to watch and Paul Johnson runs it as well as anyone. The Clemson Tigers were kept in this game by the same thing that kept them running all year, C.J. Spiller. There is no doubt that he should be the Heisman winning player this season. The spread on this game is two points, it made for an exciting match, but in the end, the Yellow Jackets were simply too much to for the Tigers.


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