Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Daily Erin Andrews: Danica Patrick Joins NASCAR

There has been plenty of speculation about this over the last few months, and now it is official, Danica Patrick is coming to NASCAR. She will be part the JR Motorsports team in the Nationwide Series. Patrick will run on a limited basis on the Nationwide series in 2010. One of the key parts of getting the deal completed is GoDaddy coming along with Danica Patrick as part of the sponsorship deal. This is most likely paving the way for Danica's full move into NASCAR at some point.


Sam Wright said...

Danica has been the bright spot in marketing the IRL over the last few years and I’m happy they have her for two more years. She will bring a whole bunch of attention to Nascar when they need it and hopefully some of that spotlight will shine on the IRL.

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