Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Conference Championship Sunday always makes for one of the best weekends of NFL football of the year. This year should be no exception as all the ingredients are there for some great football. Three powerhouse teams, and one upstart underdog. Not to mention there are dozens of story lines worth mentioning. For us, the biggest story line is getting off this losing streak at the bookers table.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets +8: No one gave the Jets a chance, but here they stand. And they are hungry, and they may be the hottest team in the playoffs right now. The Jets defense has been dominate over the last three games. While Revis may have been snubbed for defensive player of the year honors, he has continued his high level of play on the field. Last week he had one of the all time great interceptions when he picked off Philip Rivers while on his back. The interception would be the play that changed the game.

The Jets will need more of Revis' great plays as it will be his job to keep the Colts Reggie Wayne in check. The chess game between Peyton Manning and Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be one for the ages. Ryan will keep the pressure turned up and try to bring as many different looks at blitzs at the Colts as possible. On the offensive side of the ball, New York needs to control the clock and use their massive offensive line to keep the Colts on the sidelines. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the playoffs has been the emergence of the Jets running game. Yes, the Jets led the league in rushing yards per game throughout the season, but they have been able to maintain that level of production into the post season, and that is not always easy for teams to do.

In a weird twist of fate curtesey of the football gods the Indianapolis Colts are set to face the same team they tanked against just over a month ago. If it had not been for Indy sitting their starters in late December the Jets would not have had a chance to reach to the post season. Now the pressure is truly on for the Colts to prove they can handle the Jets, and finish the job by making the post season.

The have made it clear all season their goal is to make the Super Bowl, but tanking the final two games of the regular season, Indianapolis put all their eggs into one basket. If Indy should fail to make the Super Bowl, the 2009 season will go down as one of the all time great disappointments.

This is not the typical Indianapolis team we have become accustomed to over the past few years. This team does not possess the high flying offense we once associated with Peyton Manning and company. The Colts are comfertable playing a slowed down and putting together a solid victory. This is strange considering the lack of a true rushing attack. Sunday the Colts will have their hands full when their receivers meet the toughest secondary in all of football.

The spread on this game is sitting at 8 points and favoring the Jets. This is not surprising considering that no one thought the Jets could make it to the AFC Championship. The Jets defense will keep this a slow paced and ugly game, and that is great for Jets fans, and nerve wracking for Colts followers.

Winner: Colts win the game, but the Jets cover the 8 points.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints -4: Brett Favre


LDUTheCoach said...

The majority of people are taking the Colts to kill the Jets this week but you have to consider how well New York matches up against Indy. Indy has the worst running game in the league, and is ALL Peyton. The Jets have the #1 pass-defence and if they can put the clamps on Peyton early… it could very well be a Jets win. TheCoach isn’t calling a J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS win but they will cover the spread. I know Indy shut down Baltimore’s running game last week but the Jets strive on being quick and elusive.. something Ray Rice isn’t…

Minnesota and New Orleans is going to be such a good game. I was hoping all season long these two would meet up in the NFC Championship and honestly.. either team could team this game. The Saints are -3.0 favourites and historically home team get given three points for the home-field advantage… so basically this game is a pick-em and there is ONE thing that I like about the Saints and its that home-field advantage. Last week Warner and Romo combined for 7 sacks and 4 fumbles largely in part to not being able to communicate with their offence. The SuperDome is NUTS and I don’t care how much experience Favre has, the crowd can help a team and also hurt the other so much.

Feel free to check out my picks with scores (and of course cheerleader pictures) @

Best of luck to all this week,

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