Saturday, January 02, 2010

Thanks to the new bowl game system there's plenty of bowls to go around even after New Years Day. We've already talked about the Cotton Bowl, but there's still plenty of other action for you football junkies out there. Let's talk about the Papa Johns Bowl, International Bowl, not the biggest or most interesting match ups, but it's Saturday and there's football to be watched.

Papa Johns Bowl-South Carolina vs. Connecticut +4.5:
Any time you get the Old Ball Coach in a bowl game there's a chance for some excitement. Despite not having the winning numbers he once enjoyed in Gainsville but Steve Spurrier knows how to make things exciting. The Gamecocks started the year off strong jumping out to a 6-2 start, but they struggled finishing out their SEC scheduled and finished the year with a 7-5 record. Steve Spurrier found a bright spot in his program with the maturation of sophomore Stephan Garcia. The young quarterback finished second in the conference in passing yards, and showed growth in his decision making.

UConn has become America's team after the tragic death of Jasper Howard in in October. After dropping their first three games in the wake of the tragedy, the Huskies bounced back and finished the season bowl eligible. The Huskies peg the victory over Notre Dame as the seasons turning point. There is no doubt UConn has played on sheer emotion over the past few months, but now the question is can they keep the emotions running after being off the field for over a month?

The spread for this game is sitting at 4.5 points favoring South Carolina. UConn has been a tremendous story, to overcome everything they have gone through is something to be admired. However, all fairy tales have to come to an end, and the end comes on Saturday evening.

Winner South Carolina wins the game and covers the spread.

International Bowl-South Florida vs. Northern Illinois +7: The bowl season travels north to the great city of Toronto for this game, and why not? If the NFL can go north, so can college football. The South Florida Bulls began the season with a lot of promise. They jumped out to a 5-0 start, and where riding high. Then came the annual USF mid season meltdown. The Bulls are a talented team, they have speed on defense. Freshman QB B.J. Daniels has emerged as a reliable quarterback since stepping into the starting role after the third game.

Northern Illinois is a good team. They lead the MAC is rushing yards per game at 204 yards per. That means they have a physical offensive line, and they like to the pound the rock. The Huskies fought their way to a well earned 7-5 record, and they would love to knock off a Big East team and end the year with an 8-5 record.

The spread for this game is sitting at 7 points and favors South Florida, I think this is a generous spread for the Bulls. Yes they are the more talented team. For what its worth, USF may have some of the best athletes in the country. However, USF is also one of the most undisciplined teams in the country. Simply put you never know what Bulls team will show up on a given Saturday and who will put in a good effort. I just don't see South Florida ramping up the machine for this game.

Winner USF will win this game but they will not cover the spread.

Liberty Bowl-Arkansas vs. East Carolina +8:

Alamo Bowl-Michigan State vs. Texas Tech -8:


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