Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tim Tebow in a Controversial Super Bowl Commercial

Tim Tebow has not taken a meaningful snap on the football field New Year's Day in the Sugar Bowl, but that has not kept him from making headlines. This time it is his off the field actions that are putting Time Tebow into the spotlight. CBS, who is airing this year's Super Bowl is catching criticism for a commercial it approved that features Tim Tebow and his mother.

The ad in question is sponsored by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. It is believed that commercial will focus on Pam Tebow's pregnancy, with her fifth son Tim, and how she became very ill. Many doctors told Ms. Tebow to terminate the pregnancy but she chose otherwise. The end result was giving birth to and raising one of the all time great college football players in Tim Tebow.

Several women's groups have come out and expressed concern about the ad, stating that it is an anti-abortion ad. It is the belief of these groups that the ad would be offense to some women. At the very least it is believed the Super Bowl may not be the right place for such an advocacy ad. CBS responded by saying they have eased their restrictions on airing advocacy ads, and would be willing to allow any ad to be aired if it was tastefully done.

Now, I am not here to debate if it is appropriate for CBS to air these type of ads during the Super Bowl. They cannot be worse the the abundance of Viagra and other male enhancement ads we have become accustomed to viewing during the Super Bowl. I am also not here to debate Tim Tebow's stance on abortion. For what it's worth, Tim Tebow and myself fall on opposite sides of the abortion issue, but I stand up and applaud his efforts for making this commercial.

It has nothing to do with the issue at hand, it just feels good to see an athlete stand up for something they believe in, even when seemingly the rest of the world is against them. In today's endorsement driven athletic society far too many athletes have become shells, abandoning beliefs for the corporate dollar. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods avoided making a stance on anything as if it were the plague, they thought it far too risky they would miss out on a sale.

In Tim Tebow we knew we had a special athlete and now we are seeing we have a special person. While Tebow's conservative Christian views may not suit everyone, we should be proud at his conviction. His ability to stand up and hold to his beliefs. Sadly the simple action of standing up is becoming a lost art with today's athlete.

This is why I stand beside Tim Tebow. I may not agree with your stance, but I do agree that you're standing, and for that you will always be welcome here on the pages of Walker Sports.


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