Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tuberville Fired As Auburn's Football Coach

Well this move really cannot come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog. We have been covering this story seemingly all season. Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville was fired earlier today, ending his 10 year run as the head man for Auburn.

While Walker-Sports may have been right with our assumption that Tommy Tuberville would be fired, we were wrong with our estimation of how it was to take place. The rumor mill was hot throughout the month of October and into November that Tommy Tuberville and Auburn were jointly working on a plan to buy him out of his contract. The end goal of this deal was that Tuberville would be free to go to Clemson and take over as their head coach since Tommy Bowden had been fired earlier in the month. Obviously something went wrong with this deal as Dabo got to keep his job at Clemson while Tuberville is out of a job right now. But I would not rule out Tuberville completely. I have a pretty solid suspicion that he will be coaching someplace next fall.


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