Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lefty Guard Barack Obama , Chris Paul, and The Trade Deadline

As a left handed person, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anything good about a lefty in basketball since Lefty Drizzel. CNN got quite an assortment of former and current players to break down President Obama’s game. They go a little soft on el Presidente, but considering we desperately need a point guard who knows how to pass and screen away on my men’s league basketball team, I’d be more than happy to pick up the Hawaiian kid from ChiTown. Bill Russell is an old head for sure and he shows it in this clip. Chris Paul had some interesting insight on having a dual personality, one on the court and one off. Magic was probably thinking, kid, I could score on the court and off, no difference.

Chris Paul doesn’t have to worry about Magic’s approval because C-Paul continues to blow up the league and is clearly in top 10 if not top 5 players in the league. Right now he is averaging a double-double with 22 points and 11 assist per game. Dwight Howard probably wondered how Chris Paul got access to his Super Man cape as he went for 36 points and 10 assists last night against Orlando. Speaking of kids from Chi-Town, Chandler, or his big toe didn’t pass the team physical in Oklahoma so he’s on his way back to New Orleans. And so, Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox going back sooner to the Sooner state then they had anticipated.

In my last post, I based my trade proposals on the concept of chemistry, not because I anticipated any of the trades to go through, but I took an old school approach to thinking about trades. But, there was one thing missing, not everyone’s looking to win a championship as J.A. Adande points out over at ESPN in his post Trades Are About More Than Who Got the Best Player. While times are tough and budgets tight it makes sense to move budgets around. But maybe that’s part of the problem, GM’s want to run a business so much they forget about how to win games, with team chemistry. When you don’t have chemistry, force it, like Isaiah has tried to do in NY. That’s done a lot of good for him.

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