Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NFL Super Bowl Predictions

When you break it down, it's not surprising that the Indianapolis Colts once again find themselves in Miami and playing for the Super Bowl. The Colts played the most complete season of any team in the NFL this year, and their ability to stick to their game plan despite plenty of distractions has been nothing short of amazing. On the other side of the ball you have the New Orleans Saints, have carried the weight of a city on their shoulders for the past three seasons in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Now after several years of being close, the Saints have broken through and are at the mountaintop. Now its our job to talk about the Super Bowl and breakdown these two teams. However, unlike plenty of other websites out there, we aren't going to spend paragraphs breaking down the Saints secondary. We are here to give you what you want, football betting lines and information on where to best spend your money.

When you talk about the Indianapolis Colts the obvious story is Peyton Manning. The entire Colts offense revolves around what Manning does. In the AFC Championship game, the Jets came after Peyton early and often. The first few series, confused the NFL's MVP, but before the end of the first half he figured out the complex blitz schemes of the Jets and marched the Colts offense up and down the field with ease.

Offensively the Colts keep the ball moving, and Peyton Manning does a great job of finding new targets. Reggie Wayne was shut down by the Jets in the AFC Championship, but Peyton was great at working the ball to his second and third options. This is what has set the Colts offense apart from any other unit in the NFL today. The Indianapolis offense has changed faces over the years but as long as Manning is calling the shots, they remain an effective unit. The one glaring omission from the Colts offense is their rushing attack.

The New Orleans Saints have their own MVP caliber quarterback in Drew Brees. Ever since his arrival in New Orleans he has transformed the Saints into viable contenders for the Super Bowl. Last year this time Drew Brees was 15 yards shy of breaking Dan Marino's all team single season passing record, not bad for a guy who was labeled as being too small coming out of Purdue. While Drew Brees is the captain of the Saints, the wild card and perhaps the most important factor will be the play of Reggie Bush. Mr. SoCal himself has been on a tear during this year's post season. There is no doubt that his game breaking plays both against the Vikings ad the Cardinals are what have given the Saints the lift they needed to reach the Super Bowl. If Bush can continue to live up to the hype and come through with the game changing plays, there is not a player on the Colts defense who can stop him.

Perhaps the most glaring difference between these two teams is the experience factor. These Colts have won a Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, they won a Super Bowl in Miami just three years ago. When the Colts won the AFC Championship the players barely celebrated on the field. The understand their goal for the season is winning the Super Bowl and that is the only thing that matters. On the other hand the Saints are doing something that most never expected to happen. Will they be able to focus on the task at hand? Or will the Saints become lost in the glitz and bright lights of the Super Bowl.

From a sports betting standpoint, the spread for this game began at 3 points. However, that line quickly jumped to 5.5 and then 6 points favoring the Indianapolis Colts. That's not surprising at all. 3 points was a joke of a spread, but 6 points is just about right. The Colts are on a mission and after they gave up on the perfect season back in week 15. If the spread sits around 6 points through the weekend, you would be a fool to pass it up. The Colts are simply too experienced and too good. However, if you can tease the line, push it to 6.5 or 7 then take a serious look at picking the New Orleans Saints, I'm just saying.

Winner: Indianapolis Colts win the game, and cover the 6 point spread.


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