Wednesday, May 20, 2009

James Harrison Scared of Flying? Give me a Break

Earlier this week we spoke about NFL Defensive player of the year James Harrison turning down an official visit to the White House to meet President Obama. While the writers here at Walker-Sports did not like the fact that Harrison snubbed the president, we hate his lame excuses even more.

According to sources close to James Harrison, the reason he declined a visit to the White House was Harrison is afraid of flying. Yes, you read that correctly, one of the baddest men in football is too scared to hop on a plane and fly to Washington D.C. According to both friends and James Harrison's agent, he is deathly afraid to hop on a plane and is an absolute train wreck when he has to travel with the Steelers.

Granted fear of flying is a legitimate excuse, and it is a condition has kept many people from perusing their dreams. However, when your jobs requires, and you do it, flying eight or more times a year it is hard to believe that suddenly your fear is too great to overcome when a paycheck is not on the line.

On the surface it appears that Harrison has found a good excuse to get out of traveling to the White House. However, if you scratch the surface just a bit it really looks like that Harrison shot off his mouth a few days ago, and once his statements became public he needed to find a quick out, and save some face. Maybe next time he will come up with a better excuse.


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