Friday, June 10, 2011

Tim Tebow on Steroids?

I know it's a near impossible thought, and believe me no one is a bigger Tim Tebow fan than I am.  However, after a recent picture made its rounds on Twitter, one has to wonder, what exactly has Tim Tebow been up to this offseason?

While teeing it up at a charity golf event in Alabama last week, a photo was snapped of the Denver Broncos quarterback, and let's just say he looks more than a little jacked. 

Check out those guns! Now there has been plenty of speculation about the validity of this picture and rightfully so.  Tebow looks huge here, and he also looks like he is prepping to win Mr. Olympia, not a charity golf tournament.  Seriously, who oils up to go out in the sun in Alabama in the summer? That's a good way to fry yourself.

Another reason to doubt the validity of the picture is when you look at another photo taken from the same event.

Now that looks like the Tim Tebow we all know and love.  Sure he's still jacked, but at least he doesn't look like Macho Man Randy Savage in the picture.  He actually looks normal.  For now, I'm going to say Tim Tebow is not on the juice, and he is just relying on his FRS Energy drinks to prep him for his workouts.

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