Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bryce Harper Celebrates A Home run With a Blown Kiss

The Washington Nationals figured they struck gold last year when they landed the No. 1 pick in the MLB draft, and earned the rights to teenage phenom Bryce Harper.  At the age of 17 Harper had already left high school early to begin his college baseball career, and many were anointing him as the LeBron James of baseball.  So far, those predictions have proven true in Harper's brief minor league career.  Unfortunately for many baseball  fans it appears Bryce Harper has taken on some of LeBron's attitude as well.

Ever since Harper was in high school he's shown to have an abundance of confidence in his skills on the diamond.  Some scouts even questioned if Harper had too much confidence, and if it would eventually be his downfall.  During last night's minor league game, Bryce Harper added fuel to that discussion with his antics after, smacking yet another home run.

After Harper jacked a pitch out of the park, he took his time trotting around the bases.  He also found enough time to blow a kiss to the opposing pitcher.  Needless to say this has plenty of baseball purest up in arms about the behavior of this young man.

Oh, and the AP recently ran a long Harper profile, which included this nugget. Feels apropos somehow:
“One of the biggest sins you can make is putting guys into position where they’re going to fail early,” said Doug Harris, who keeps a close in-person eye on Harper as the Nationals’ director of player development. “We’re really committed, but lay the blocks before we try to put in some chandeliers and some granite countertops. We want to make sure we’ve built a good foundation, not only on the field but in the clubhouse.”


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