Friday, February 26, 2010

Scott Van Pelts Drops an F-Bomb on SportsCenter

I hate to rip on a guy who is from the area, but ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt is in the midst of a horrible week. Earlier this week he was pranked by one of Howard Sterns sidekicks, when he thought he was talking to Brian Westbrook. That was bad, but it's not entirely Scott Van Pelts fault. Whoever is taking the calls in the back up in Bristol has to be a better call screener.

However, on Thursday night Scott Van Pelt made the ultimate on air mistake. Anytime you are doing live television or live radio you have to assume your mic is always 'hot' (turned on). Even when you break for a commercial the on air talent cannot assume the technician in the back has turned their mic off. During last night's Sports Center, Scott Van Pelt forgot that rule. While doing an outro for the commercial break, Van Pelt left his mic on and is caught dropping an F-Bomb just before the break. Rookie mistake, but can happen to anyone.

Needless to say after the prank call, and now this. Scott Van Pelt may be in line for a few days off. I'm sure a long weekend in Dewey Beach is exactly what the broadcaster needs to clear his head.


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