Wednesday, November 18, 2009

College Football Pick'em Week 12 Picks

The College football season is barrelling along and we have nearly reached the end of what has been one crazy ride. However, before that final whistle blows, and we know who is playing in the BCS Championship, we have to get through Rivalry Week. That means lots of good games to watch this weekend. Hopefully for me, that means a better week playing College Football Pick'em.

Ohio State vs. Michigan: It is hard to believe that it is Michigan vs. Ohio State week, and this game has absolutely no meaning at all. This rivalry has become so cool in recent years, that I actually forgot about it. Sure Ohio State has already wrapped up the Big 10 and a trip to the Rose Bowl so that makes this game less meaningful, but let's be honest the real downer on this rivalry has been the Buckeyes domination of the Michigan Wolverines.

Anyways despite Michigan's complete ineptitude on the field there is a game that needs to be played. The spread favors the Buckeyes by 12 points. Last week I went out on a limb and stated that the Buckeyes offense was ready for an explosion, they promptly fell flat on their face against Iowa. I have learned from my mistakes as a result. There is no doubt that Ohio State is the more talented team in this game. However, their offense is still struggling. Buckeye nation needs to plead to Tresel to let Pryor play his game.

Twelve points is a lot of points, especially in a rivalry game. I am learning from my past mistakes and saying that Michigan can keep this one interesting and cover the 12 point spread.

Winner Ohio State, Michigan covers the 12.

Oregon vs. Arizona +6: The PAC 10 has transformed into the most interesting conference to watch in the country. Who saw that coming? The Oregon Ducks have been on a roller coaster season. The early lost to Boise knocked them off the map. Then a sudden resurgence and the Ducks were back in the mix of things. That was until they met the Standford Cardinals. After a setback there, the Oregon Ducks have returned to earth. However, they are still ranked 10th in the country and they remain in the drivers seat for a PAC 10 Championship not bad when you think about it.

The Arizona Wildcats have mucked their way to a 6-3 record through this point of the season. Typically that would be considered an average record, however if the Wildcats win out, they will be playing in the first Rose Bowl in school history.

The spread for this game sits at 6 points. The Oregon Ducks have scored 42 points or more against six PAC 10 opponents this yeas. That means this game has all the potential to turn into a track meet. If that is the case, I love Oregon's odds.

Winner Oregon Ducks, win the game and cover the spread. Just to be safe take the over on this game as well.

Cal vs. Stanford: Everyone expected this game had the potential affect the outcome in the PAC 10. However, no one expected Standford to be the team playing for the Rose Bowl birth. After destroying USC last weekend, the Stanford Cardinals have the opportunity to keep themselves in the hunt for the PAC 10 championship. A win and they have hope and lost and it is all over. That should be enough motivation right there.

The 2009 season has not been what the Cal Bears expected. They were supposed to be a contender and nothing has gone their way since the conference schedule began. To make matters worse the one time Heisman Trophy candidate is still out with the after affects of his concussion.

The spread sits at 7.5 points favoring Stanford. Typically this is the type of game that I think Standford could fall due to a bit of a hangover from the last two weeks. However, Cal is just dead in the water with no direction.

Winner Stanford and they cover the spread.
LSU vs. Ole Miss: All hopes of winning the SEC are out the window for the LSU Tigers but that does not mean the season is a complete lost. If the Tigers can win their final two games they can secure the fourth 10 win season in the Les Miles era. That has to be good for something one would think.

This was supposed to be Ole Miss' year. They were ready to take a step in the right direction, but that obviously fell short with the Rebels sitting at 7-3, it is a good year for Ole Miss but it will be considered a lost season.

The spread favors LSU by 4 points. Most people may not notice this, but they tank coming down the stretch when their is nothing to play for. That does not happen this weekend, wait till their game against Arkansas for that to take place.

Winner LSU Tigers win the game outright and they cover the spread.


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