Thursday, November 26, 2009

College Football Pick'em Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope all you all are enjoying some much needed time with family and friends, and getting some welcome rest. If you're looking for something to do over the holiday weekend, join the Walker Sports crew in Charlottesville for the Recipe for Disaster courtesy of Buddhist Biker Bar. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk some college football. It's the real rivalry week and while the spreads may be big, but they are rivalry games, so you never know what may happen.

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State: Traditionally this is one of my favorite games to watch. The Cowboys have made a habit of ruining the Oklahoma Sooners season. This year, neither team has anything to play for other than pride. The Oklahoma Sooners season was ruined due to injuries, and the Cowboys never got their season off the ground.

Saturday is all about pride, that being said, I am surprised by the 10 point spread that is posted to this game. Oklahoma State has had a disappointing season, but they are a talented team. The Oklahoma Sooners are simply decimated by injuries, and they have trouble keeping up with anyone offensively as a result. If the Cowboys can push the tempo, and put points on the board, I don't see any reason why they cannot cover the 10 point spread.

Winner: Oklahoma State pulls the upsets and covers the spread. Take the over just in case.

Utah vs. BYU: Who would have thought the focus of the college football world would leave Oklahoma and Texas and shift to Utah? Both the Utes and the Cougars have been fighting for football respect on the national scene. Saturday's game is all about state pride. This game has brought us some memorable moments. It also happens to be one of the only rivalry games this season to feature two teams within the top 25.

BYU is a 7.5 point underdog in this game, and that is not surprising. Utah is playing some great football, and if it were not for TCU stealing all the glory, people would reconize that fact.
Winner: Utah wins the game and covers the spread.

South Carolina vs. Clemson: It's hard to believe the Clemson Tigers have clawed their way onto the national scene, but that's exactly what they have done thanks to C.J. Spiller. The Tigers are locked in for a game against Georgia Tech for the ACC Championship. If they come through that, Clemson can play in a BCS game. It's kind of hard to believe this team has experienced that level of success this season.

The South Carolina Gamecocks have had an up and down season, but for the most part many would say it was another lackluster campaign. In the end Steve Spurrier has proven to not be the coach he once was. That being said, 'the Ole Ball Coach' has put together some exciting games this year, including taking Florida to the limit.

The spread favors Clemson by 3 points, but don't let that fool you.

Winner: South Carolina pulls the upset and wins outright and covers the spread.


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