Wednesday, November 25, 2009

College Coaching Rumors: Al Groh Fired, Chris Peterson Hired

With the end of the college football season just around the corner, it means it is time for the coaching carousel to begin. Most people know and understand that Al Groh will be released from his contract at the end of the 2009 football season. The UVA head coach has completely underachieved.

However, a new wrinkle enters the equation today as Mac McDonald, former UVA play-by-play man, announced on his radio show that the Virginia Cavaliers have agreed to a deal with Chris Peterson. Yes, the Chris Peterson head coach of the Boise State Broncos. While none of this can be confirmed, it is extremely interesting and if it proves to be true, hiring Peterson could be the move that the Virginia Cavaliers need to put their football program back on track.


Anonymous said...

No, Virginia, there is not a Santa Claus, nor will Chris Petersen be moving anywhere soon.

Anonymous said...

boise fan in denial?

Anonymous said...

The ink is drying on the contract now. You'll hear it shake loose from Mac, Jerry and DD on Friday.

Anonymous said...
"The air needs to be cleared. First of all, Al Groh is still our football coach. Secondly, although I'm a huge fan of Boise State football, I've never met Chris Petersen." - Jon Oliver, Virginia executive associate director of athletics

Anonymous said...


Boise State coach Chris Petersen dismissed various reports out of Virginia that he is the leading candidate to replace coach Al Groh.

-- "I've got two words for you: Mississippi State," said Petersen, referencing false reports last December that he was to be named the Mississippi State coach.

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