Monday, January 12, 2009

Tony Dungy To Step Down as Colts Head Coach

The Indianapolis Colts have announced they will hold a press conference at 5 pm today at their practice facility. The topic of the press conference will be the future of current head coach Tony Dungy. While the topic of Dungy's speech is still unknown, sources close to the team are saying Tony Dungy is ready to announce his retirement.

According to Fox Sports Jay Glazer (doesn't he get the best scoops) Dungy has told sources close to the Indianapolis Colts the he will retire today. The word is that Tony Dungy is making the rounds through the Colts practice facilities and, saying his goodbyes as he goes.

If Dungy is to retire, it would not be much of a surprise. Tony Dungy contemplated retiring after last season, but agreed to come back to help the Indianapolis Colts open their new stadium. In the wake of the Colts overtime lost to San Diego last weekend, Dungy said he would take a week to contemplate his future. Tony Dungy has spent the last week at his home in Tampa with his family.

If he steps down, the Colts have already promised the head coaching job to associate coach Jim Caldwell.

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